The Beethoven Experience

“The Beethoven Experience” is a travelling exhibition jointly developed by DF Experiences, Metropolitan Festival Orchestra and MCC International. This experience was created in 2020 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth and celebrate his musical brilliance and legacy.

The Charm of Beethoven

Featuring a unique multisensory exhibition accompanied by the iconic musical works of Beethoven. The exhibits were specially designed and curated to provide not only an immersive and interactive experience but also one that is rich in interactive and educational content, connecting the visitors deeply with Beethoven’s struggles and his musical triumphs.

The Beethoven Experience incorporates not only content and displays, but also activities with the elements of art and music. The exhibition has been showcased in multiple cities across China, including Shanghai and Taicang and is projected to be showcased in Chengdu.

The Experience

Spreading across a 1,500sqm space, the exhibition delves into Beethoven’s life, his work and his music influence till today. Other than the historical context of his life, the exhibition also showcases Beethoven’s innermost thoughts and feelings through a curated experience. Scientific and educational content are also incorporated within the exhibits to provide the visitors with an informative learning experience all round.

Interactive exhibits

The Beethoven Experience seeks to be an unguided, immersive exhibition, where visitors feel welcome and are enticed into interacting with the exhibits.

In this zone, the interactive projection of coloured liquid sequence is pre-programmed to complement emotions within the famous piece of Beethoven’s – Symphony No.5 heard in this space. Visitors are encouraged to interact freely with the projection by hovering their hands across the screen to “paint” their expression along with the music and change the flow of how certain colours appear.

This series of neo-classical art frames that houses interactive touch screen panels recount the beginning of Beethoven’s life and his journey into the world of music. These panels provide “bite-sized” information with added QR codes at the corner to provide visitors with further reading without affecting the flow of the exhibition experience.


One of the main highlights of the exhibition is the 360-degree projection mapping of Beethoven’s birth. The zone features the images of Beethoven in painting and sketches, along with his manuscripts and the streets of Bonn and Vienna.

Staged within the periods and settings where he spent his life. visitors will be immersed in the artist’s impression of Beethoven and his travels.

In another immersive space with directional speakers strategically set up, visitors can hear 3 movements from 3 different compositions by Beethoven all round. An avatar of instruments scattered across the musical table is present for them to interact with.

Visitors will have to stand in front of an orchestra instruments – taking the role with each piece removed, they are able to mute that particular instrument that they have chosen and hear the same piece of music without that particular instrument.

Through this interactive, visitors get to learn how every piece of instrument is critical to the completion of the masterpiece.

Memories In Pictures

Throughout the experience, there are various touchpoints where visitors can take pictures home as a memento.

Each exhibit was thoughtfully created to express Beethoven’s masterpiece. Featuring sequin pieces meticulously arranged resembling a burst of gold dust and enchanting musical notes suspended from the air representing the exact number of musical notes from Beethoven’s musical piece “Beethoven Symphony No.5” are just two of the many meaningful photo opportunities across the experience.

Widely regarded as the greatest composer who ever lived, Beethoven dominates a period of musical history no one ever has. The Beethoven Experience is definitely an exhibit not to miss for music enthusiasts!


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