Train To Busan

The Train to Busan Horror House is a thrilling location-based entertainment (LBE) experience armed with 360 VR games, curated experience and content including elements such as, convincingly scary zombies, intricate sets and cutting-edge visual and virtual technology. Visitors will be placed in situations similar to the movie and battle through environments and tasked to complete the mission before entering the safe haven of Busan.

For thrill seekers only

Lost in Dajeon

Before entering the Horror House, visitors will first enter the Seoul Retail Street, which brings the best of authentic Korean cuisine and K-pop culture to them. It also prepares the visitors for the upcoming apocalypse.

The first part of the Horror House is themed around Seoul Station, visitors will find themselves trapped in an apocalyptic version of the train station, having to fend off zombies and traps as they battle their way through places such as long corridors, abandoned shops, toilets and others to reach their destination – the train which will help them escape from the hellish station.

Train Crash escape

The second part of the Horror House will have visitors battling their way to the front cabin of the train in hopes of surviving their journey to Busan. Visitors will have to make it from the Train Carriage to the Chemical Cargo Train, before making it to safety.

At the survivor camp in Busan, guests who have survived the ordeal will be able to take up arms and strap on body armour to go on a zombie killing spree with VR technology. Top scorers will be able to have their names recorded on the Horror House’s leaderboard.

across four zones

The VR experience

With a combination of both VR and real-life experiences, visitors will walk through a physical zombie-ravaged Seoul Train station, specially created exclusive VR experiences and have lots of photo opportunities. They get to role play as the remaining survivors trapped in Seoul and try to take the next train out to Busan, the apparent safe haven. The experience offers a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with the Train to Busan story like never before.

As the VR area was relatively smaller than the horror house layout, thorough spatial planning was needed to ensure ample space for an optimal experience in each zone.

Thematic set with lights, sound and video were specially designed to bring the story alive, providing lots of great photo opportunities. Visitors play the role of a survivor and battle the zombies from one end of the carriage to the other to stop the train from crashing through VR simulators. Every corner & turn had the visitors screaming & jumping in excitement!


AR booths were also present allowing visitors to “fight“ with zombies in physical actions & have them recorded on images & videos. Trick eye photo zones were also set up for more photo opportunities. There were so many memories for visitors to take away including eventexclusive merchandise on sale too!


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Target Audiences

> 13 years old